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Toasted Coriander & Cumin with Mandarin Peel


TOTALLY! Colombian San Vicente MilKeto is the bar and MonKKey San Vicente DarKeto fills the bar’s dimples and is drizzled over. The combination of unsweetened MilKeto (i.e. in the style of milk chocolate) and sweet DarKeto is creamy and rich with a touch of sweetness.

Toasting coriander and cumin heightens their warm, citrusy and slightly peppery flavours. I had made candied Mandarin peel which went rock hard, so I ground the peel and added some to these bars thereby increasing the citrus flavour.


Macros for one-quarter of the bar (1 piece):
Net Carbs  .5g; Protein  .75g; Fat  2.75g.

Marcos for the bar (4 pieces):
Net Carbs  2g; Protein  3g; Fat  11g



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