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Small Bars

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  • Toasted Coriander-Cumin with Mandarin Zest
    Small Bars

    Toasted Coriander & Cumin with Mandarin Peel

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    TOTALLY! Colombian San Vicente MilKeto is the bar and MonKKey San Vicente DarKeto fills the bar’s dimples and is drizzled over. The combination of unsweetened MilKeto (i.e. in the style of milk chocolate) and sweet DarKeto is creamy and rich with a touch of sweetness.

    Toasting coriander and cumin heightens their warm, citrusy and slightly peppery flavours. I had made candied Mandarin peel which went rock hard, so I ground the peel and added some to these bars thereby increasing the citrus flavour.

  • Pistachio Mini Bonbon Bar

    Pistachio Mini Bonbon Bar

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    Pistachio nuts everywhere:
    Chopped, inside the MonKKey San Vicente DarKeto;
    Ground, dusted at the bottom; and,
    Half a nut in the dimple on top.
    For nut lovers and pistachio aficionados!

  • cranberry cheesecake minibars
    Small Bars

    MonKKey Cranberry Cheesecake Mini-bonbon Bars

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    Tangy cranberry and the slight saltiness of cream cheese are perfect at any time of the year, but especially during the festive season. Each pink square is a tiny bonbon.

    Cranberry freeze-dried powder and in-house-made dried cranberries give double the tangy flavour.

    MonKKey Cheesecake Cocoa Butter is extra rich and creamy.

    A feast for the eyes too.

  • Image - MonKKey DarKeto Chigorodo bars
    Small Bars

    MonKKey DarKeto 76% Chigorodo (Blend)

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    Colombian Chigorodo cacao is the main chocolate in this blend.  The unique floral-herbal with tropical fruit notes gives a light citrus flavour to the chocolate. Can you taste these wonderful flavours as you savour this keto fine chocolate?

    If you like dark chocolate but are not ready for 100%, this is your ticket to a taste of heaven.

    The subtle sweetness of non-GMO erythritol and monk fruit juice concentrate accentuates the alluring flavours. Savour. Indulge.

    Let the chocolate melt and linger on your taste buds as you savour the intricate flavours.

  • Small Bars

    TOTALLY! MilKeto Chigorodo

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    Single-origin Colombian Chigorodo chocolate with its floral-herbal and tropical fruit notes pairs beautifully with whole milk. The milk’s natural dairy sweetness compliments the complex chocolate flavours and gives creaminess to the smooth texture.

    The lovely reddish brown is a treat for the eyes.

    It is one of my favourites.

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