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What is fine baking?

The simplest answer as applied to my baking is that fine means superior quality and excellent skill.

I take it one step further when it comes to creating keto fine baking by focusing on offering you those types of items you crave but are time-consuming to make such as Petit Pain au Chocolat or Chocolate Ganache Tarts or fancy celebration cakes, to name a few examples.  Simpler recipes such as cookies and brownies are taken from ordinary to extraordinary: Almond Sticks with Cacao Nibs Dipped in Artisan Chocolate or Lacy Coconut-topped Brownies.

What is fine chocolate?

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association, to which I belong,  defines fine chocolate in “terms of its flavour, texture and appearance, as well as how its limited ingredients, high cocoa and low sugar content, are sourced and processed.

  • Sensory:  Fine chocolate makers are committed to coaxing the unique flavors from each bean, allowing the consumer to experience complex flavors from the terroir of various regions and countries. Textures should be smooth and creamy, unless purposely creating unrefined chocolate.
  • Visual:  Fine chocolate professionals are committed to creating stunning visual experiences through perfectly finished products which are often artfully designed.
  • Processed:  Fine chocolate makers and chocolatiers use artisan methods to create minimally processed chocolate with flavor complexity.
  • Sourcing:  With a commitment to the farmer, fine chocolate makers use ethical practices to source the highest quality flavor beans and cocoa, often from single countries of origin and individual growers.”

I practice each one of these fine chocolate attributes and take the low sugar content to the next level by eliminating sugar altogether – for your healthy life, and mine, keto-style.

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