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MonKKey Cranberry Cheesecake Mini-bonbon Bars


Tangy cranberry and the slight saltiness of cream cheese are perfect at any time of the year, but especially during the festive season. Each pink square is a tiny bonbon.

Cranberry freeze-dried powder and in-house-made dried cranberries give double the tangy flavour.

MonKKey Cheesecake Cocoa Butter is extra rich and creamy.

A feast for the eyes too.


Macros for one quarter of the bar (1 piece):
Net Carbs Ā .5g; Protein Ā .25g; FatĀ  Ā 3g.

Marcos for the bar (4 pieces):
Net CarbsĀ  2g; ProteinĀ  1g; FatĀ Ā  12g



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