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Strawberry & Shanxi Vinegar Bonbons


Strawberry compote nestles in the bottom of a MonKKey Chigorodo DarKeto shell, smothered in luscious, creamy and slightly tangy MilKeto ganache.

The tanginess is from the wonderful Shanxi mature vinegar. Strawberries are classically paired with balsamic vinegar. If you like that combination, then you will enjoy the rich, pungent, and tart flavor of this fermented vinegar which dates back 3000 years in Chinese history.

The strawberry flavour is further enhanced by the addition of powdered freeze-dried strawberries from Manitoba and a piece of whole-dried strawberry.

The fruity and tangy flavours are balanced with the bitter-sweet (82%) Colombian Chigorodo DarKeto shell.


Macros for one serving (1 piece):
Net Carbs 2g; Protein 1g; Fat 4.5g.



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