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Flavours of Broadway – McQuarries Russian Caravan Tea & Gunsmoke Coffee Bonbons


McQuarries Tea & Coffee Merchants is a well known Broadway area multi-generational family owned and operated business serving Saskatoon for over 90 years.

Smoky tea and coffee blended with three kinds of keto fine chocolate offer truly unique flavours.

Russian Caravan is a blend of black tea and smoky Lapsang Souchong tea. Russian Caravan has been my family’s favourite after dinner tea for decades. Loving the flavour of this tea, I knew it would pair beautifully with Gunsmoke coffee, recommended by Kim.

Gunsmoke is described on McQuarries’ website as having: “Pipe tobacco aromas, dark chocolate flavours and a clean smoky finish.”

The tea and coffee ganache is made with MonKKey Simply White. The shell is TOTALLY! Arauca MilKeto and the base is MonKKey Arauca DarKeto.

A candied Gunsmoke coffee bean finishes the bonbon with a crunch and another burst of flavour.


Macros for one serving (1 piece):
Net Carbs  1g; Protein 1g; Fat  3.5g.

7 g


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