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Raspberry Wasabi Bonbons


Raspberries are presented in two different ways in this tangy bonbon.

The bright red raspberry layer is called pâte de fruits: all fruit with a touch of erythritol.

The ganache layer has raspberry purée as well as raspberry liqueur for more of that delicious fruit flavour. Purées and fruit liqueurs are made in-house.
I used MonKKey Chigorodo Cheesecake – think of sweet milk chocolate cheesecake. This Colombian chocolate pairs beautifully with raspberry tanginess.

What about the wasabi? Not spicy at all. It adds an extra layer of flavour that is hard to describe.

Finished with a light dusting of wasabi powder.


Macros for one serving (1 piece):
Net Carbs 0g; Protein 1g; Fat 5g.



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