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Waffolate Bonbons


The Waffolate: a chocolate waffle pays homage to the keto world’s chaffle, the cheese waffle.

Waffolates come in five varieties:

  • TOTALLY! 100% – unadulterated chocolate flavour.
  • TOTALLY! MilKeto – whole milk adds creaminess and softens the 100% chocolate flavour.
  • MonKKey DarKeto – subtly sweetened with the sugar alcohol, erythritol, and a touch of monk fruit juice concentrate.
  • MonKKey MilKeto – sweetened, as DarKeto but made creamy with whole milk.
  • Cocoa Butter (in the style of white chocolate) – cocoa butter, whole milk and erythritol.

The featured Waffolate is made with Ariari cocoa mass from Colombia. Ariari’s flavour profile is defined by cacaitoscanada.ca as “tropical fruits combined with molasses flavor”. Can you taste those flavours?

This is the first time that I have used Ariari: I hope it will become another keto fine chocolate favourite.

Bars are available in all varieties except TOTALLY! 100% which is by special order.


Macros for one Waffolate (1 piece):
Net Carbs 1g; Protein 1g; Fat 3,4 or 7g.



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