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{ 10-830 Dufferin Ave, back alley behind Amigos and The Bike Doctor }


1. What makes your chocolate keto?

Cocoa is a perfect fit for keto. The Venezuelan cocoa mass macros for 100g are: Carbs 17g; Fibre 10g; Net carbs 7g; Protein 13g; and, Fat 53g. A TOTALLY! Dark chocolate tablet suggested serving size is three pieces (15g):  Net carbs 1g; Protein 2g; and, Fat 8g.

Cream Cheese, an essential keto ingredient, is used in the milk and white chocolate. Macros for 100g are: Carbs 18.1g; Fibre 0; Protein 11.5g; and Fat 62.3g. Occasionally, small quantities of whole milk are used to change flavour profiles and add sweetness without the use of erythritol. Macrios for 100g of whole milk are Carbs 39.96g; Fibre 0; Protein 26.6g; and, Fat 26.64.

Erythritol is 70% as sweet as sugar: one cup of sugar = 1 1/3 cups erythritol. At Keepsake Keto Candies & Chocolates erythritol is only used to boost sweetness and is not used to replace the same level of sweetness as sugar. The natural sweetness of fruit and nuts add complexity in our bonbon flavours. 

The result is chocolate and bonbons which offer subtle sweetness or none at all. Perfect for the ketogenic lifestyle in which taste-buds develop a stronger sense of sweetness and ketones reduce the desire for foods that are sweet.

Keepsake Keto Candies & Chocolates are designed for the keto palate.

2. Where are you located?

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

3. Why do you only ship in Canada?

I am a small business and at this point in time, it simplifies my life if I only sell in Canada.

4. What does a home-based business mean?

A home-based business means: I work from a non-certified facility ie my kitchen; the foods I prepare are all known to be low risk as defined by SaskHealth; customers may not come to my residence; no signs are allowed; and interior storage is limited to 2 cubic metres. I am also required to include a food label on each package in 12pt font with my name, address, phone number, date of food production and a note “Made in a Home Kitchen That is Not Inspected by a Government Agency”. 

5. Are you Food Safe Certified?

Yes, I have been certified by SaskHealth. I take great pride in keeping my working area clean and sanitary. 

6. What do you do about allergens?

If you are concerned about any allergies, then my products are not for you. The products are made in my home kitchen so they have either come into contact with or contain the most common allergens such as nuts, milk, and eggs. 

7. Why don’t you open a store?

My personal situation is best suited to work from home. That being said, a future consideration is for pop-up shops in Saskatoon stores.

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