MonKKey White-Keto Triple Coffee


Coffee and creamy dairy with a touch of sweetness.

Three layers of coffee enhance your flavour experience by adding three textures and coffee taste notes of creamy chocolate and caramel:

Whole candied Nicaragua Dark Direct Trade Organic (DTO) beans fill the dimples, giving a delightful crunchy texture and burst of coffee flavour.

The instant and micro-ground Italian roast Arabica sprinkled at the bottom of the bar zings another coffee richness on your taste buds.

Turkish ground Godfather blend (McQuarries Tea & Coffee Merchants) and more Italian roast Arabica are mixed into our sweet keto version of white chocolate.

Keepsake Keto’s MonKKey White-Keto version of white chocolate has three times the creaminess created by combining silky smooth Venezuelan cocoa butter, cream cheese and whole milk.

All are subtly sweetened with non-GMO erythritol.



Macros for one bar (4 pieces):
Net Carbs 2g; Protein 2g; Fat 10g.




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