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MonKKey Dark + Cream Cheese Sweetened with Erythritol 65g


(Keepsake Keto version of milk chocolate – sweet)

MonKKey Chocolate is subtly sweetened with erythritol to suit experienced keto palates, yet has enough to satisfy sweet cravings.   Venezuelan dark chocolate, an intense cocoa flavour with notes of wood and nuts, is paired with the buttery smoothness of cream cheese. The result is a spectacular chocolate too good to be called “milk chocolate”. So we call it MonKKey Dark + Cream Cheese. Savour the flavours as a true connoisseur:  place a small piece on your tongue to warm it up and then stick it on the roof of your mouth. Tickle it with the tip of your tongue as it slowly begins to melt filling your mouth the complex flavours.

65 g

Macros for one serving (3 pieces):
Carbs 2g; Protein 1g; Fat 6g; Sugar alcohol 1g.

Five servings per tablet.


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