Custom Bonbons

Do you have a chocolate that you miss now that you are a keto-ite?

Tell me what you would like and I will replicate it, keto style.

I’ve made: Hazel Nut Rochers; truffles flavoured with liquor and fruit either enrobed or moulded; cinder toffee; candied nuts; and, more. I do not make caramel based sweets, yet: but I will after Health Canada approves the use of allulose by the end of 2021.

What kind of sweet are you craving?

Email sales@ketofinechocolate and tell me. Prices generally start at $4 per bonbon and vary according to ingredients and recipe complexity. Minimum order is nine bonbons which nestle perfectly in our signature gold tin box.  Requests taken for vegan, paleo, nut-free, sweetener-free etc.


A small selection of a large variety of bonbons created by Keepsake Keto Candies & Chocolates (above).



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