Chokecherry & Ginger


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Chokecherries, picked on the South Saskatchewan River bank by yours truly, form the rich fruity pate des fruit of this layered bonbon. The ganache layer is MonKKey Venezuelan Cream Cheese Milketo with organic ginger and lime: sweet rich chocolate with more fruit flavours surrounded by cream cheese richness. A thin layer of MonKKey Chigorodo MilKeto adds to the complexity. This gorgeous combination was hand-dipped in MonKKey Venezuelan DarKeto , a subtly sweet dark chocolate.

Savour the flavours as a true connoisseur: bite the bonbon in half. The crisp-tempered shell showers rich chocolate bits on your tongue. Tangy fruit flavours burst out of the creamy ganache. What complex favours do you detect?  Gaze at the other half to see the deep burgundy chokecherry, the ganache and the dark shell. Can you smell the lime and ginger?

Macros for one serving (1 piece):
Net Carbs 0g; Protein .3g; Fat 2.5g.




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