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About Us

A New Path, A New Company

I am Nancy-Jean Taylor. I’ve been living the keto lifestyle in Saskatoon, SK, Canada since mid-January 2019. I started eating low-carbohydrate choices as a way to clear Christmas sugar from my system. Along the way, it destroyed my migraines.

I missed fine chocolates. I missed being able to tell my children that gifts to me could always be chocolate or bonbons. I did not want to eat “sugar-free” chocolate with sweeteners that could spike my insulin. The solution was easy – I would make keto fine chocolate, not just for me, but for everyone who is avoiding sugar. The result was I started a home-based business: Keepsake Keto Candies & Chocolates.

I graduated from Ecole Chocolat’s Professional Chocolatier Program and Business Plan for Chocolatiers in April 2020. I successfully completed Recipe Development Ganache through Ecole Chocolat in July 2020. I have Saskatchewan Health FoodSafe certification.

I am now on a mission to create the best keto fine chocolate and candies.

Keepsake Keto Candy and Chocolates. 

For you.

And for you to give to your sweetie.